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Blackpool Martial Arts School. Children and Adults lessons in Karate and Kickboxing. Get fit today, learning modern martial arts (mma) in Blackpool.Whether your looking for a sports in Blackpool for children or Ju Jitsu, XMA, Thai Boxing, Taekwondo or Kung Fu we are the leadering martial arts club as seen in the Karate Kid. FAQ for lessons at the Blackpool Karate and Kickboxing Club.
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(3 - 6 YEARS

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Stranger Awareness Session
23rd November 6pm-6:45pm

Life today seems to be increasingly full of dangers, and every day we hear about young people being attacked, abducted, injured or even killed for apparently no other reason than that they were vulnerable. So what can we do? We believe that teaching our children how to avoid getting into danger in the first place, or if they do, how to handle the situation, is an excellent way of equipping them to deal with everyday life.

For Children attending Blackpool Karate, our class are designed specifically for stranger awarness.

For this reason, West Coast Martial Arts has set up a FREE 45 minute workshop for children aged 4+ to about 13 years of age, to teach them a few simple, practical pointers, for example:
-What is a stranger?
A stranger is someone you do not know.
-Are all strangers a danger?
No, but if you don't know someone, you need to be very careful if they try to approach you or talk to you.
What should I do if a stranger approaches me?
Keep out of arm's reach. If the stranger is in a car, go in the opposite direction.
Try to find a safer stranger - For example a policeman, a checkout operator, a teacher and tell them what has happened.
How can I keep myself safe?
Always tell your parent where you are going. Stay in a group of friends, or in a place where there are lots of people around.
Remember some details in case you get lost such as your parents name, where you live, how to get in touch with a parent or other safe person.

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